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Monitoring of contract manufacturing
activity in the pharmaceutical business

Due to increasing workloads and growth of product portfolios, monitoring of contract manufacturing activity in the pharmaceutical business shall begin to take up a high percentage of a Quality Assurance and Regulatory professional's time. Therefore we can represent the company and offer our services to ease this burden, whether this is in the form of day-to-day product monitoring including all activity to maintain till the product is dispatched from the desired location and report submission within company portfolio. To meet our customers' needs Axiona Solutions has identified significant capabilities in specialist pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical technologies as well as the manufacturing and packaging of conventional dosage forms.

By providing high levels of customer services and quality, accurate documentation and delivery on time, Axiona Solutions allows you to manage your product cycle efficiently. Our scale of operations enables us to provide a wide variety of products in batch sizes to meet your needs and readily supply markets around the world.

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